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Sell as advertisers want to buy via Private Programmatic
Unlock extra revenue by combining "Loops" with audience-based models

Unlock new revenue from Open Programmatic market

Your In-house SSP extension for profitability increasing and mediation on your side

Sales up to 100% of your audience by AI and new AdTech
Start selling what brands need – an Audience.
Combine it with Campagings in loops. No limits. Only your rules.
Direct Ad sales, Content Manager and Network Manager
Open Programmatic Sell-Side Platform and Demand-Side Platform
Direct Ad sales, Content Manager and Network Manager
Open Programmatic Sell-Side Platform and Demand-Side Platform
Open doors to programmatic buyers

Bring additional demand to your OOH network – take weight off from your campaign management and sales teams. Your OOH network can now watch International demand come in and be part of the programmatic progression.

External DSPs & Agencies
Data about audience segments
Sell as advertisers want to buy

Combine "in Loops" campagings with Private Marketplace and Open Programmatic

Calendar campaigns
Private Programmatic AdPlays, CPM, CPV
in Dynamic Loops
Open Programmatic through SSP and DSPs
Playlists (filters)
Mediaplan priority
Calendar campaigns
Private Marketplace with Fixed or Auction
Programmatic Ad Exchange with open auction (OpenRTB)
About Open Programmatic ad selling
About Open Programmatic ad selling
Extra revenue via programmatic deals of audience attention
Over 90% of brands buy an audience.

Now you can combine sales by the number of broadcasts with new models: CPM model (for 1000 OTS) and CPV model (for confirmed contacts with the target audience based on computer vision technology)
Monetize any touchpoints

New revenue stream of audience-based advertising. Boost your sales with real-time-bidding auction for confirmed number views as regular Internet RTB-auction.


Maximize your ROI from any screens or videowalls.


Connect new and non-satndard broadcast points.


Any touch surfaces will also generate revenue as long as there are no active users nearby.

Audio advertising

Channel with the maximum audience is audio advertising.

Sell-Side Platform with pricing control
Don't connect third-party DSPs directly to your screens. Keep the content and costs under your own control. Now you have your own SSP platform for monetization management.
All data unpersonalized and GDPR compliant
For audience prediction Dooh.One takes data from people counters and POS-terminals.
We supplement the platform with data about audience interests obtained by our partners using the GPS data collection tool.
Historical data from publishers
GEO data from 3rd party suppliers
Basically, we collect and enrich customer data with the help of own depersonalized Face Recognition neuro network.
Non-personalized Face Recognition
Moderation of advertising from agencies and third-party DSPs
You can moderate the promotional materials in your SSP platform. You can reject the content or start its broadcasting by clicking "Accept" if you want.

Realtime campaign reports in your In-house SSP extension

Number of ad plays. Fact for this moment.
Ad Plays
The total budget for the current model and the actual expenses for today.
OTS — opportunity to see (impressions) based on historical or entered data about screens profiling, targeting rules, timings, and campaign schedule. Forecast and fact for this moment.
More about In-house SSP
Agencies and DSPs management
Media Networks access management: forbid or open access to a specific inventory with specific prices.
Platform takes a unique approach, employing ground-breaking technological innovations to barriers that until now have made digital out-of-home a grid and time-consuming medium to manage.
All components in one Platform