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All necessary reports for ad sales and audience analysis

Automatic generation of the forecast and the actual status of campaigns. Data about the campaign audience. Logs about system usage.

System logs
SSP report
Forms data
Broadcast report
Campagin plan
Campaign plan for Advertisers
Report with information about scheduled Campaign before starting.

Broadcasting report for Advertisers

Report with information about Campaign status after beginning.

Now you can provide them with accurate and confirmed numbers in real time.
Advertisers & marketers
require real numbers
Conversion in real views
Information about companies conversion rate filtered by devices. Views count: Displayforce detects people immediately (during their standing in front of the device playing content) with 98%+ accuracy (the distance depends on camera resolution).
Audience portrait
Information about audience demographics filtered by devices. Gender classification with up to 90% accuracy. Age classification: 3 age groups (child, youth, adult), absolute age (+/- 5 years).
Engagement (Dwell-time)
A/B testing: dwell-time and audience data comparison between various companies. It`s necessary to understand which content has mostly influenced on the target audience. You can be sure that you're playing your advertising content in the right place, at the right time, in front of the perfect audience.

Realtime campaign reports in your In-house SSP extension

Number of ad plays. Fact for this moment.
Ad Plays
The total budget for the current model and the actual expenses for today.
OTS — opportunity to see (impressions) based on historical or entered data about screens profiling, targeting rules, timings, and campaign schedule. Forecast and fact for this moment.
More about In-house SSP
Gathering data from interactive templates
Scheduled scenarios
Text input, buttons and feedback forms could be used for interactive mechanics with getting data from your clients.
Export any logs
Different types of logs, filters and search subsystem, initiator linking. Audit mechanisms.
Device logs
Device logs register all operations and situations with OS, software and hardware that could be used in maintenance and audit.
Reports for audit
Users logs saves actions that performed by any user.
Filters and search engine
Filters and search engine for fast getting results of your requests in gigabytes of data.
System logs
System logs register internal events about metrics, quality, components availability and so on. Necessary for system administrators.
Users logs
Reports for audit for any duration by any filters with initiators of specified operations, time and links.
Platform takes a unique approach, employing ground-breaking technological innovations to barriers that until now have made digital out-of-home a grid and time-consuming medium to manage.
All components in one Platform