Product updates platform update

We have reduced the platform onboarding period up to 6 times, updated the platform interface, improved templates and loops visualization.

At, we treat our user’s feedback and suggestions carefully. After getting reviews, we analyze them, prioritize and get the ball rolling. None of the suggestions remains unreviewed! See it for yourself looking at our last update, which made the platform even faster, and more user-friendly.

New user training system

We developed automated tooltips and product tours in the platform for onboarding. So, we got a complete training system for new users, which won’t miss a single detail, will teach our users everything they need to get revenues and increase monetization. 
Interactive tooltips will guide a user throughout the platform, the templates, and the campaign report sections. Thanks to this update, you can learn how to use the platform 6 times faster!
A cool thing about this update: David, the Customer Care manager, is going to help a newbie with all difficulties on their way. If after finishing the training and product tour you still have questions regarding marketing tools, you know whom to ask.

Convenient navigation in the menu

Now, has blocks for marketers and technicians visually separated in the menu. The menu tabs have been divided into two blocks to speed up the application. The upper block is for the marketing professionals, the one at the bottom —  for technicians. From now on, no button you don’t use won’t distract you from your tasks.

New campaign launch in a few seconds

Based on our users’ inquiries and the content on the platform, we created a library of templates for your advertising campaigns. Now, a new user can choose among the most popular templates, while an advanced user can switch between their own library and the public one in a few moments. To launch a template, you need only 3 sec.
Amazing, isn’t it?

Ad Loops visualization improvement is coming

Within this version of the platform, we are updating the media plan section. Earlier all marketing campaigns were presented as a standard list, while now we modified the format of cycle ad campaigns. We enhanced it with analytics and revenue data.
A user can see the time of broadcasting, how much ad space is left, and so on. It is in 2021 when we are planning to improve the media plan: alter Ad Loops and the rest of the campaigns interface. Looking forward to it!

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