Product updates

We have updated the Displayforce platform and improved its interface 🚀

Instant device selection

With just a few clicks, you can select a device for your campaign. We’ve designed modal windows with intuitive functionality, allowing you to choose the only devices that are based on your criteria. In the device list, you can now search for the screen name quickly, select several screens by holding the Shift key, filter devices depending on tags, status, and properties. You also can include and exclude,  combine and unite multiple devices using tags.

Adding new content easily

We made it easier to work with templates containing multiple zones. If your campaign consists of several fields like text, photo, and video, you can now add content in the Preview mode just by clicking the field you need. An ADD button will appear upon hovering the specific zone allowing instant content upload.

Creating Campaign

Some changes happened to the visual elements in the Create campaign section. Now the Add campaign button got brighter and now catches more attention. We also added tooltips for interacting with complicated features.

We are ready to show you all the updates and demonstrate how the concept of Store as a media channel works.

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