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Displayforce & Mubashir: successful cooperation

July 06, 2021
Displayforce has been working with the Mubashir team for more than one year, and we really appreciate the values and opportunities that our product has gained within this partnership. Today we are happy to share our first results and give an overview of our cooperation.
Mubashir, an Oman-based company, provides marketers the largest digital out-of-home advertising platform with country-wide coverage. The company helps digital advertising partners reach millions of measurable eyeballs, gain deep insights by utilizing smart features that enhance campaign performance and exceed the ROI of Online Advertising platforms. Definitely, the Displayforce functionality and unique technologies such as video analytics allow Mubashir to reach new revenues.
Together with Mubashir, at the beginning of 2021, we have launched a project for a gas stations chain. The project contains a video analytics tool and has already demonstrated great results. We are planning to scale our cooperation and looking forward to new opportunities.
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