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Displayforce partners with WonderStore

June 24, 2021
Displayforce is happy to announce its cooperation with WonderStore. We believe that our partnership will lead to fruitful results, and are ready to share our knowledge, expertise, and technologies in order to transform the offline retail experience and bring new value to the market.
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Founded in 2017, WonderStore is a leading European company providing the latest technology to capture in-store analytics. The company focuses on the luxury fashion retail field and provides several solutions to its clients for personalized content translation based on audience segmentation; computer vision, AR, and magic mirror installation for virtual trials.
Displayforce, also founded in 2017, has a mission to create marketing in physical locations as a part of the omnichannel strategy with metrics from the digital world. Displayforce provides retailers with such tools as video analytics (fully complained with GDPR), programmatic tools for offline, CMS for easy and effective content management & analytics, etc.
Together, Displayforce and WonderStore enlarge their opportunities on European and global markets by offering unique technologies for retailers. The first pilot project with a famous fashion brand has already been launched, and we are looking forward to seeing the positive results.
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