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Modern scalable Plug-and-Play
Solution by AOPEN
Extensively tested AOPEN Solution:
Chromebox Mini, Chromebase Mini,
other Digital Signage Players
Certified by Displayforce
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Displayforce & AOPEN Collabaration

Displayforce, a performance marketing platform for Programmatic Digital out of Home networks, has certified multiple AOPEN Chrome devices. Displayforce and AOPEN have a great experience of many projects with the full range of devices in Europe.

AOPEN creates hardware for different solutions in different scenarios, using their broad in-house knowledge as the backbone for the operation. AOPEN devices are ideal for using with Displayforce in scalable projects for digital signage, kiosks, hyper-personalized analytics.

The smallest enterprise-grade solution
Full HD resolution playback
This feature marks the players that are capable of delivering content that is fluent and stutter free.
Fanless design
This Digital Engine is passively cooled. The cooling ribs on its exterior make sure the device won't overheat.
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San Jose

2150 North First Street, Suite 400
San Jose, CA 95131

Phone (+1) 408-586-1200
All-in-one solution
Built-in webcam
With this webcam it's possible to analyse behavior and target groups. You can adjust the content on the screen, based on the person looking at it.
Commercial design
All devices of AOPEN Chrome have a tamperproof design and passive cooling. This results in a quieter device that is dustproof and solid-state.
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