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Advertisers & marketers
require real numbers
Now you can provide them with accurate
and confirmed numbers in real time.
Get real-time impersonal
data in physical locations
Audience behaviour
Emotion tracking
Attention on Ads
Customer Journey
Mask detection
Identify face mask usage in real-time to alert your customers about safety rules
Put on a mask
Out of the box
AI algorithms specially designed and developed for market fit, restrictions and to be relevant in real cases with easy to set up.
Best recognition algorithms
One of the best algorithms in the world confirmed by multiple global independent tests. Extremely robust and accurate. 98%+ accuracy of gender recognition, 95%+ accuracy of age group recognition.
Full cycle
Full cycle of algorithms to work with audience. Detection, Tracking, Recognition and Identification. All necessary technicall solutions in one box works together.
No need custom integrations with third-party tools. Video analytcs work out-of-the-box simulteneously with content playback without extra devices. Just plug in camera.
Data sets
Own data sets and neural network that used machine learning to be trained with millions of images by real cases.
No special hardware
No special hardware or preparations to start. Just use simple USB cameras to work with your audience.
Big Data
Big Data for dozens of advertising and marketing reports avalible by provided recognized audience.
What our AI see?
Our computer vision algorithms suited to work in real cases locally even without network using basic cameras and recognize 12+ different attributes.
Only real faces
Algorithms trained against faces spoofing (faces on POS materials, video walls, other screens, T-Shirts and so on).
Mask detection
Faces in masks detection support. Do not "loose" your audience even in COVID time.
Staff exclusion
Separate staff from statistics data. Staff will be marked to exclude it from the main analytics data. No selling ads content to them if you don't want it.
Hair detection
Facial hair and hairstyle and hair color recognition
Accessories detection
Glasses and headwear recognition
Group recognition
No faces count limits. Algorithm can recognize and track 20+ faces simulteneously. It depends only by hardware.
Face movement
Face fitch, yaw and movement recognition in the timeline
Gender recognition
Age recognition
Smile detection
Mood recognition
Ethnicity recognition
Conversion in real views
Information about companies conversion rate filtered by devices. Views count: Displayforce detects people immediately (during their standing in front of device playing content) with 98%+ accuracy (the distance depends on camera resolution).
Audience portrait
Information about audience demographics filtered by devices. Gender classification with up to 90% accuracy. Age classification: 3 age groups (child, youth, adult), absolute age (+/- 5 years).
Engagement (Dwell-time)
A/B testing: dwell-time and audience data comparison between various companies. It`s necessary to understand which content has mostly influenced on target audience. You can be sure that you're playing your advertising content in the right place, at the right time, in front of the perfect audience.
Privacy compliant
By default no sending photos, videos etc from
device to comply GDPR & CCPA.
Local computations without server and transferring video streams or images. Work without extra devices and traffic out of the box.
Algorithms works locally on the devices without internet connection. No servers needed for computer vision. No server and traffic costs.
Collecting only impersonal data: audience views, emotions and behaviour for insights.
Our algorithms used to "know" audience or "know" their previous movements and behaviors without personal data.
Ability to "know" the same audience in next appearing in front of the different device.
P2P algorithms for exchanging anonymous audience hashes between devices to cluster analysis of all audience inside the POS, know their movements, behaviors, interests and use it to show relevant messages.
Customer journey algorithms create path of all audience in POS with their attributes, interests, mood changes etc.
Impersonalized match
P2P synchronization
Customer heatmap
Case studies
Beauty store
Grocery store
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Major features
Computer vision and machine learning algorithms intended for advertising and digital signage purposes.
Algorithms in the top of NIST Computer Vision rank list. One of the best in speed and accuracy.
Fast response
Very fast algorithm in real cases usage. Up to 300 ms for age/gender detection and up to 1 second to recognize attributes. Less then a second to show relevant message to customer.
Mass devices
Uses classic USB RGB cameras. No special harwdare requrement. Easy and cheap installation.
Real-time computations. So you can trigger on audience right now without delays and remote processing.
Face detection & match
Face detection and tracking. With faces pitch/yaw and person movement our algorithm know that the face is the same.
Low quality Face recognition
Own neural network and data sets trained to best suit for real cases (not ideal "passport like" photos with good light and so on).
Real-time triggers
Content triggering by any attribute, fact of presense, social demographic features etc to influence to your audience in the moment of their choice.
Optimized for low-end devices with simultaneously content playback. Different CPUs support: x86, 64-bit, ARM, ARMv8.
All components in one Platform
Platform takes a unique approach, employing ground-breaking
technological innovations to barriers that untill now have made digital
out-of-home a grid and time-consuming medium to manage.
Be relevant
Media-planning tool with Campaigns Management based on real Audience
Maximize your ROI
Access to SSP and DSP extensions for selling Programmatic ads
Resuce costs
Visual designer tool for content creation and integration without coding
Be sure it works
Infrastructure management and control of IoT network with real-time monitoring
Connect any channels
Cross-platform SW and HW players for audio, video and interactive broadcasting